Eve Adelfi's bio

Eve Adelfi playing the violin

"It's like the music is doing what your movement tells it to do, rather than the other way around..."

Eve Adelfi is a vivacious, crowd-pleasing dancer and choreographer who refuses to be constrained by the usual belly dance categories. Like many dancers, she started her journey in Cabaret, but soon she branched out to study many other styles. Eve has studied with and been inspired by many beautiful dancers, but credits Mira Betz and Ava Fleming as her most beloved mentors. Eve is versed in a variety of styles, but above all is deeply committed to fluent musicality and sharp technical precision. She is constantly learning new types of dance in order to express the music that much more fully.

The face of Eve Adelfi

In addition to frequently performing solo, Eve is the director and main choreographer of the trio Seshata and the duet Aria. Seshata, an often Cabaret-styled group, includes Lara and Rhea. After performing together for two years, Seshata won 1st runner up in the 2009 Belly Dancer of the Year competition. Aria, a fusion duo comprised of Eve and her dance partner Makeda, took 1st runner up in their inaugural performance at the Breakthrough Fusion Competition in January 2010. Eve was also previously a member of the troupe No Rules Dance, directed by Michelle Reynolds, which won 1st place at the Breakthrough Fusion Competition in 2009.

Also a classical violinist, Eve has recently left orchestras behind for a foray into improvisational music with an eclectic group of musicians, the Bandits. Together Eve, her husband Cliff, and the rest of the band play a variety of music from all over the world.

On the rare occasions when Eve is not dancing or playing her violin, she can be found sewing new costume designs, indulging in video games, typing 100 wpm, or enjoying the beautiful Bay Area outdoors. She holds a useless BA in Classical Studies and is currently pursuing a hopefully less useless MBA in accounting. Her favorite color is green and her favorite spice is cardamom.